ViIIage Iiving puts a spring in their step and a smiIe on their face

Keeping your mind and body active is important for health and wellbeing at any age, but perhaps even more so for retirees.

For those lucky enough to live at Bellarine Springs retirement village in Drysdale, there are all kinds of fun ways to stay sharp and healthy.

Along with an array of activity groups – ranging from Scrabble and vegetable gardening, to craft and carpentry – there are many high-quality sporting facilities, including a heated indoor pool and spa, large billiard table, gym, all-weather tennis court and a competition -sized bowling green, which are all popular with village residents.

Beverley, one the residents at Bellarine Springs who enjoys a friendly “hit of tennis”, says that having an excellent tennis court close to home, makes it easy to get together with other residents for a game.

“Tennis is such a great way to stay active,” Beverley says. “As with all the activities here at the village, there’s absolutely no pressure to participate, and no concern about how well you play, it’s more a fun way to get together with other residents. We call it a ‘hit and giggle’ and I can assure you, there’s no shortage of giggles!”

Turning over a new leaf
One of the other enjoyable outdoor activities embraced by village residents is the opportunity to grow delicious and healthy fresh veggies in the dedicated, on-site vegetable garden. One such resident, Maria, says she loves “pottering around in the veggie patch”, where she grows a wide range of fresh produce, to be enjoyed by herself and her husband Paul, as well as other residents.

“There are a number of people here who love gardening, and digging around out in the village veggie patch keeps us active, and is very satisfying,” Maria says. “It’s actually surprising how much food can be produced in a relatively small space, so it’s great to be able to share the healthy spoils with others in the village. Getting out in the garden can also be a very relaxing social activity, and we often enjoy a good chat, and swap gardening ideas.”

Dipping in
Couple Juergen and Judy, start every morning with a 30-minute swim in the village’s heated indoor pool, followed by an invigorating 10-minute soak in the spa. Judy, who is also a member of the weekly village Scrabble and water aerobics clubs, says that since moving to the village she has lost eight kilograms and feels a lot happier and healthier.

“When we were living at our old place in Ringwood, Juergen was feeling quite tense and unwell, and he also had a grey look about his face…but look at him now!” Judy smiles. “He has good colour in his cheeks and he’s much more relaxed, smiling more and healthier than he’s been for a long time. He feels like he’s on holidays!”