Retirement living done the ‘Wright’ way

When it came to planning and building the Bellarine Springs retirement village in Drysdale, CEO of family-owned retirement company Pinnacle Living, Geoff Reeve, was determined not to cut any corners on design or quality.

Driven by a desire to create an exemplary community for people aged 55 and over, impressive levels of care and attention have been invested into all aspects of the village’s design and construction, from the roads, gardens and homes, to the community buildings and facilities.

“We are a family business that really cares about the people who call Bellarine Springs home, which is why we’ve put so much effort into making it a very special place to live,” Geoff says.

Inspired architecture
A perfect example of the remarkable attention applied to the design of Bellarine Springs can be seen in the village’s community centre, which was inspired by famed American architect Frank Lloyd-Wright.

It includes an array of notable detailing, right down to the craftsman-built, stacked-stone fireplace, original artwork, and bespoke timber chairs that were designed and hand crafted specifically for the centre.

“In keeping with Lloyd-Wright’s design philosophies, the centre exudes a sense of light and space, and uses natural, premium quality materials and appointments to enhance the living environment,” Geoff says. “We are passionate about the buildings we create, and we have aimed to create spaces that are a joy to be in, and help our residents enjoy a healthy, stimulated and connected lifestyle.”

Lloyd-Wright’s design influence is most evident in the large, cantilevered roof that sits above the centre’s outside dining and entertainment area, giving the building a commanding presence, while providing sheltered, sweeping views across to Geelong and the You Yangs.

Delightful details
The considered approach to design, and attention to quality and detail applied to the Bellarine Springs community centre, extends right across village.

So, while many retirement villages are often happy to settle for ‘cookie-cutter’ houses that all look the same, Bellarine Springs employs a variety of home designs, and curved, undulating roads that have homes set at various ‘offsets’, to create a more natural and welcoming ‘village’ feel.

Some of the homes also feature artisan-built, stacked-stone entrance pillars (as opposed to pre-fabricated cladding).

Reflecting the philosophy of authenticity and quality that underpins everything at Bellarine Springs, each set of entrance pillars takes a stonemason more than two weeks to create, sorting and individually fitting each stone one at a time. Inside the homes, a range of subtle design touches have been incorporated to enhance the lives of village residents, including step-less floors, easy-to-use lever taps, and wide doors than allow easy disabled and emergency access.

Quality and innovation
The level of thought that has gone into Bellarine Springs is further illustrated by:

  • An advanced, indoor heated, ozone-filtered pool, which requires no chlorine or salt, creating a crystal-clear freshwater swimming experience, with no odour or irritation
  • A competition-sized all-weather bowling green and tennis court, featuring advanced-technology surfaces, and
  • A dedicated, fully-equipped workshop called The Shed, for use by residents.

“Our goal at Bellarine Springs has always been to create an exemplary community,” Geoff Reeve says. “We now believe it’s one of the best retirement villages available, and will remain so long into the future.”