Pets bring joy and companionship to residents

Pets bring people joy and companionship, which is why residents of Bellarine Springs love being able to bring their four-legged friends to live with them in the village. In fact, it’s one of the key reasons many people have decided to move to Bellarine Springs, where – unlike many villages – well-behaved pets are always welcome.

Geoff Reeve, owner and CEO of Pinnacle Living – the family business behind Bellarine Springs – says allowing pets reflects his philosophy that residents should feel at home and have the freedom to choose how they live their lives. “According to the 2017 PwC/Property Council Retirement Census, 65 per cent of retirement villages do not allow pets,” Geoff says. 

“We could not be happier to say ‘yes’ to pets! Dogs, especially, get people out and about for daily walks, and help their owners stay fit and active, while cats provide wonderful companionship.

“Pets are like family members for many people, so it makes sense to allow owners to bring them when they move to the village. All we ask is that pets are well behaved and don’t cause a nuisance to other residents.”

Warm welcome
Residents Alan and Anne, say they appreciated the warm welcome provided to their two beloved Border Collies Bridget and Oakley to the village. “

Being able to bring our dogs was essential,” Alan explains. “If Bellarine Springs hadn’t allowed pets, we simply wouldn’t have moved here. There are plenty of beautiful walks nearby, and it’s become quite a social activity, with lots of other new residents bringing their dogs with them too.

“All the pet owners here are very responsible, and ensure their dogs are quiet and always on a lead when they’re out of their home. And we always clean up after them too!”

Village residents Maria and Paul enjoy having their miniature schnauzer Trudy by their side as they potter in the village veggie patch or head out with for a walk to the nearby beach.

“Trudy loves living here, and she’s made friends with a lot of the other dogs,” Maria says. “It’s so nice being able to have her here with us – it adds so much to our lives and the enjoyment of the village, and having a dog is a great way to meet and make friends with other pet owners.”