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Our Bellarine Springs community is special for so many reasons. The location, the quality homes and the outstanding facilities and services we offer are all big drawcards for our residents. But it is the people of Bellarine Springs, the residents and staff, who really make this community a wonderful place to call home.
They create social but independent communities that will be recognisable for what communities used to be, where you have a sense of belonging, friendship and unobtrusive support.

Geoffrey Reeve, CEO, Pinnacle Living

Geoff and Judith
Geoff and JudithResidents
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If Geoff Reeve’s (CEO) goal was to build a community, then he has succeeded. Pinnacle Living has succeeded in creating a Community, not just in building a Village.
John and Judith
John and JudithResidents
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Nobody here has anything to prove. Everyone is equal, regardless of age or circumstances so there’s no need to feel as if you have to keep up with the Joneses
Geoff and Lola
Geoff and LolaResidents
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We knew no-one in the village before we came here. Now we’re friendly with every single one of them. There’s always something happening, and everyone just makes you feel so welcome and encourages you to join in. We feel lucky to have come in at an early stage so we can be part of this community as it grows and enjoy the companionship of so many lovely people.
Greg and Barbara
Greg and BarbaraResidents
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We knew we’d be among the youngest of the residents and were a bit worried about what that would be like and whether we’d fit in. But we’ve found that we have the best of both worlds now. It’s easy to meet up with all the friends we already had and we get along so well with all the residents here too. Everyone says hello when you meet them walking in the village and we’re always being invited round for coffee.
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Bellarine Springs is a place where you really feel looked after but you’re still your own person. You do what you want and you can choose to mix or be on your own as it suits you. There had always been a happy hour from 5.30-6.30 on a Friday but now it runs from 5-7 because it’s so popular. And there are plenty of special gatherings and outings to enjoy.
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I love having the freedom to choose whatever I feel like doing every day, as that’s something I haven’t always had. I know that no one here will pressure me to join in when I feel like being own and that’s very important. It means I can feel completely comfortable with my friends and community here and take part in everything they have to offer on my own terms.

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