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About Pinnacle Living

Pinnacle Living is Melbourne’s specialist in creating and managing vibrant, high quality retirement communities. We aim to distinguish ourselves in the eyes of our residents and staff by our different approach and values. We create retirement villages that are exemplary communities, revered across all generations, but reserved exclusively for people aged 55 and over, or those retired from full-time employment.

We are a Melbourne based family business that really cares about the people who call our retirement villages their home, which is why we put so much effort into making them a very special place to live. Our villages and homes are attractive, individual and instantly recognisable for their quality.

Great care and attention has been invested into all aspects of our design, from the roads, the gardens and homes, to the community buildings and facilities. We believe our retirement villages are the very best available today, and will remain so, long into the future. The same can be said of our staff and residents, who help us create social, yet independent communities that instil a sense of belonging, friendship and unobtrusive support.

We invite you to discover the many reasons to make the move to Bellarine Springs.

Yours sincerely
Geoffrey Reeve
CEO, Pinnacle Living

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